All about H Beauty

Owners Harriet Blatchford and Victoria Hobson have worked together since 2007 and opened H Beauty together in 2013. Working alongside each other, they offer a wide range of beauty treatments while keeping up to date with new and upcoming treatments, such as the fabulous new - state of the art - age reversal facials, the A-Lift and Dermatude.

Also working along side them they have a team of holistic/ alternative professionals, offering many different fantastic therapies for all your wellbeing and relaxation needs.

So step in to H Beauty's warm and welcoming salon and enjoy the pampering you deserve!

Harriet Blatchford

Worked in the industry since 2007 specialising in hd brows & lvl lashes, very excited to be working with our new facial machines alift & dermatude & becoming "age reversal experts". I enjoy working with Vicky and the rest of the H Beauty team.

Victoria Hobson

Worked in the industry since 2004, enjoys being busy with semi permanent Nouveau Lashes and working with new facial machines, the A-Lift and Dermatude, "giving amazing results" loves working along side Harriet and the others in the H Beauty Team and making clients feel good.